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'Film star' dogs seek new homes

Thursday January 8th 2015

Puppies with famous names are hoping to find some star owners willing to offer them a new home.

Staff at the Dog Trust Manchester received four lurcher dogs during the Christmas period and decided to name the 11-week-old puppies after four nominees for Golden Globe awards at this weekend's ceremony in Hollywood.

The female puppy has been called Keira after Keira Knightley, while the three males have been given the names Benedict (Cumberbatch), Eddie (Redmayne) and Ralph (Fiennes) after other British actors nominated for the film industry awards.

The start of the new year is traditionally a busy time for dog rescue centres as people who receive them as Christmas gifts decide they do not want the long-term commitment of looking after an animal.

A spokesman for the Dog Trust Manchester said that anyone wanting to rehome the dark-haired puppies should phone 0300 303 0292 to arrange a visit.

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