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Figures reveal pets' most common choking hazards

Wednesday June 15th 2016

Corn cobs have been highlighted as a potential dangerous food for pets in a new report. The vegetables have been behind 28 swallowing injuries that the PDSA's 50-plus British pet hospitals attended to last year.

This puts cobs third behind only bones (59 instances) and stones (29), the vet charity reports. Plastic (25), rubber balls and rubber (both 19) are the next most common items swallowed. Socks (11), thread (nine), peach stones and kebab sticks (both seven) complete the list.

A US bulldog called Hooch was among the list of last year's casualties after he rummaged through owner Sarah Baldwin's bin to eat the corn.

Ms Baldwin, 40, from the Yorkshire town of Elland, says that this made him sick and caused him to lose his appetite. Hooch is now back to full health following a two-day stay at the PDSA's Bradford hospital, where he was given antibiotics and treatment for pain relief.

Rebecca Ashman, a PDSA vet, says that younger dogs and puppies in particular can accidentally swallow items they are investigating. She says some objects occasionally cause blockages that can prove lethal. Ms Ashman advises pet owners to keep potentially dangerous items out of their animals' reach.

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