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Fat pets wanted for Fit Club contest

Friday March 27th 2015

PDSA's Pet Fit Club is back once more to help the biggest pets in Britain fight the flab.

The search is on for the successor to the 2014 pet slimmer of the year, Daisy the bulldog, who lost 8kg.

Daisy had been 28.3kg and according to her Middlesbrough owner Gillian Turrell she is more mobile and runs up the stairs when she could hardly get up them at all before the PDSA helped her.

She says the staff at the PDSA Hospital in her home town have helped Daisy to change her life for the better.

Pet Fit Club is a good idea for any owner who fears their animal's size is a risk to their health, Gillian says.

The animals that take part go on the right kind of diets and exercise regimes for them over six months and are checked regularly by vets.

Owners have until April 26 to go to to enter their pet into this year's contest.

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