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Fat cat loses over half his weight

Tuesday July 28th 2015

An obese cat has lost 22 pounds in the space of two years thanks to a strict diet and exercise regime.

Skinny, as he is affectionately known, once tipped the scales at almost three stone, but has slimmed down to just over one stone with the help of a vet.

Dr Brittney Barton adopted the ginger tom from an animal shelter in Dallas in 2013. She immediately set to work creating a diet plan and exercise routine for the larger-than-life puss.

Skinny is the "resident cat" at her practice, HEAL Veterinary Hospital, in the Texan city.

He spends his weekdays roaming the clinic and his weekends at home with Dr Barton and her family.

His annual check-up recently revealed a clean bill of health. Dr Barton says he is living proof that while he is supposed to be a large cat, he is not supposed to be an obese cat.

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