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Fastest blind driver in documentary

Wednesday July 3rd 2013

The fastest blind driver in the world is appearing in a documentary on guide dogs changing the lives of people with sight loss, and can be seen hurtling around a race track.

The programme, Me And My Guide Dog, sees 50-year-old Steve Cunningham partnered with Foster, a three-year-old German Shepherd.

Steve, from Warwickshire, says Foster is "the Ferrari of guide dogs", being fast and positive.

Steve became the world's fastest blind driver back in 1999, in a 650bhp, V10-engined Chrysler SRT-10. Teaching him was the sighted world record holder Justin Bell.

Steve's fastest speed on the day was 176.4mph. Even so, his average of 147.6mph was a world beater.

He said his main strength was "passion, belief and confidence". In addition, "I have a guide dog that supports that."

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