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Family saved by pet dog's barks

Wednesday August 19th 2015

Pet dog Bella has been hailed a hero after helping to save her family from a house blaze.

Bella's barking woke the family of four in the early hours of the morning after the fire started in the kitchen of their terraced house at Dundonald near Belfast.

The family, which includes a young child and a teenager, then raised the alarm but were left trapped upstairs and had to wait to be rescued from their smoke-filled house by firefighters.

Paramedics treated the family at the scene in the Campsie Park area of Dundonald before an ambulance took them to hospital as a precaution.

Bella was also rescued from the house, which did not have a working smoke alarm, according to UTV reports.

The fire left the family's kitchen badly damaged.

Station commander Michael Harkin, of the Fire Service, says the incident highlights the importance of homes being fitted with a working smoke alarm.

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