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Family foils pet cat with upside-down Christmas tree

Tuesday December 8th 2015

Cat owners have turned their Christmas tree upside down and hung it from the ceiling in a bid to stop their playful kitten from attacking it.

Natasha Smith and Wayne Rudy, of Cardiff, have made it seem as though a Superman figure on the floor is holding up the tree.

But the couple are keeping tight-lipped about how they really managed the unique effect as they think it might help to take away the magic.

Rudy, 37, Smith, 25, and his children, seven-year-old Ella and six-year-old Taryn, took an entire day to erect their upside-down tree. They have so far attracted over 20,000 likes for a photo they posted of it on Facebook.

Smith says that in 2014 they had a tree standing the right way up. But this is their first festive season with Storm. She thinks her family may have "started something" and that unusual trees will become the norm in their household.

Smith has already thought of a crazy idea for their 2016 tree, but she has said she will not be revealing anything just yet.

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