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Facelift to help wrinkled dog see

Wednesday March 9th 2016

Meet Honey, the dog who is scared of "walkies" because her wrinkled coat is obscuring her sight. Shar Peis are a breed renowned for their folds. But Honey is so furrowed that her crinkles hang down over her line of vision.

It means a facelift is needed. Honey's temporary carer Sarah Sanderson needs to find upwards of £800 to fund the operation and has started a crowdfunding appeal.

Ms Sanderson, from Birstall in Leeds, says two-year-old Honey is very cautious because she can hardly see. The two-year-old pooch arrived at Ms Sanderson's Shar Pei Wrinkles Rescue Yorkshire 12 months ago in a bad state. She had pneumonia and was very underweight.

As Honey became heavier, so her wrinkles grew until they made her wary of going outside - despite her big build. Mrs Sanderson says that Honey hides behind her legs when approached by people or other dogs.

The facelift surgery will enable her to develop confidence as she can see what she is dealing with. This makes her more likely to find a permanent home.

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