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Experts cautious over jobless fall

Thursday November 15th 2012

The fall in unemployment to its lowest level since summer 2011 has been hailed by the Government but experts were cautious about the news.

They have warned of a "disproportionate" rise in part-time work even though the total saw a 49,000 fall in jobless numbers to 2.51 million in the three months to September.

There was also a 10,100 leap last month in Jobseeker's Allowance claimants to 1.58 million. This represented the highest figure since July and the biggest monthly increase since last September.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), including a 100,000 rise in those in work in the latest quarter to nearly 30 million, were welcomed by Employment Minister Mark Hoban who was particularly pleased with the youth unemployment decrease.

A cooler reaction came from union leaders and the CBI. The former said a large number of people were "stuck" in part-time jobs because they could not find full-time work and the CBI pointed to a slowdown in people being moved into work.

The numbers out of work for more than a year - the long-term unemployed - increased by 12,000 in the three months to September to 894,000.

The ONS said 443,000 people were without work for more than two years, an increase of 21,000.

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