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Expert wants limit on cat ownership

Thursday October 2nd 2014

An explosion in cat ownership could be leading to serious territorial disputes among our feline friends and causing them real psychological harm, animal experts warn.

Dr Sarah Ellis reckons owners should limit themselves to a single cat to help avoid a "crisis situation" in neighbourhoods, where cats are unable to venture far from their home without encountering an unfriendly rival.

She tracked 100 cats for a new BBC2 series Cat Watch: the New Horizon Experiment, and found those living in towns rarely roamed more than 50 metres from their homes.

In contrast, cats living on farms felt able to venture up to 1km from their familiar sanctuary.

While Dr Ellis suggested single cat ownership, the Celia Hammond Animal Trust says the idea of imposing such a quota would be "ridiculous" as many cats are happier living with others.

Making sure your pet has a safe environment in which to roam is as vital a part of cat ownership as providing adequate food, water and bedding - while Pet Insurance will give you added peace of mind in the event of unexpected vet bills.

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