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Employment rate stagnant, women hit

Wednesday August 17th 2011

The proportion of people who have a job is continuing to fall, with women bearing a particular brunt, the TUC has pointed out.

Employment rates, as of April, are still 0.5% below that recorded before the great economic crash of 2008-09.

As well as the gender imbalance, great disparity also exists between UK regions: employment increased by 122,000 (3.3%) in London but shrunk by 70,000 (2.8%) in the West Midlands.

The only areas of the UK in which the proportion of people in work is higher than pre-recession rates are London, the East of England and East Midlands.

West Midlands, the North East and the South West are the worst affected areas.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "While employment has been more resilient than other parts of our economy, we are still a long way short of returning to our pre-recession health, particularly for men working outside London.

"What's also worrying is that while the national jobs outlook has shown some improvement in recent months, it's getting worse for women in most parts of the country.

"A return to strong growth is the only way to close the jobs gap but government austerity is jeopardising our economic prospects."

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