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Elderly cats 'waiting for adoption'

Monday February 27th 2012

Cats aged 12 or above are being increasingly ignored by people wanting to adopt a new pet, a charity has said.

The Sussex-based charity Cats Protection said that its waiting list for older cats waiting to be adopted is 32% longer than in 2010. The old muggies have to wait an average of 96 days to be adopted, whereas the average adoption rate is 40 days.

Cats Protection is urging people to consider taking an older cat into their homes and said that life expectancy and quality of life for cats has improved and they have a good chance of living to their early 20s in good health.

The charity also advised that it is worth taking out Pet Insurance for older cats to cover them in case of any illnesses that may arise in the future.

Peter Hepburn, Cats Protection's chief executive, said: "It's always worth considering taking out Pet Insurance for your older cat, checking that it will cover the cat in case of any illness that may arise in the future."

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