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E.ON plant to close under EU target

Wednesday March 14th 2012

An E.ON power station is to cease operations as it has run out of its allocated operating hours under European Union environmental legislation.

The Kingsnorth site in Kent is to close earlier than planned, after it reached its limit of generating for 20,000 hours from January 2008.

Under the EU's Large Combustion Plant Directive, polluting power stations that were not adapted to meet emissions-reduction targets will have to close when they reach this threshold, or by the end of 2015, whichever comes first.

Power generation at the plant will cease next March. More than 100 workers will be made redundant as a result of the closure.

Phil Whitehurst, national officer of the GMB union, said: "The news of Kingsnorth Power station closing nearly two years early, and before new capacity is developed, is absolutely devastating for the local community who depend on the station for employment."

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