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Dying pet dog completes bucket list

Tuesday May 19th 2015

Many people have drawn up a bucket list of things they want to do before they die.

But now the phenomenon has been given a new twist by the owners of a pet dog that was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Coco the Rottweiler's owners, Theresa Clancy and Symon Spencer, of Farnborough, Hampshire, were determined to make the last few weeks of her life as memorable as possible.

They drew up the canine bucket list after vets told them X-rays showed Coco had tumours on her shoulder and had less than four months to live.

Among other things Coco enjoyed a flight on a helicopter, took a ride on a fire engine and wolfed down a burger at a drive-through restaurant.

The eight-year-old pet also spent a day on the beach and tucked into a steak at a local pub.

Mr Spencer was left devastated when Coco eventually had to be put down, but says completing the bucket list and documenting it on Facebook has given him and his partner a wealth of memories to look back on.

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