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Dying St Bernard given last snow wish

Thursday August 13th 2015

The owners of a snow-loving St Bernard gave their dog a fitting send-off - just hours before she was peacefully put to sleep.

They took bone cancer-stricken Sophia to Chill Factore, a Manchester-based inside ski centre. The treat left the six-year-old giant pooch's tail wagging happily at last after she had failed to get excited about anything for weeks.

Vets found that Sophia had the cancer a couple of months earlier. Owner Alyson Page said she contacted the ski centre, asking them on the off chance if she could give her "special" pet a suitable finale.

She said she was surprised to get an answer in the affirmative only hours before the dog's injection. Ms Page, 31, says the snow-filled last wish was "amazing" and "wonderful" for Sophia.

To begin with, the breed were produced for special mountain rescue work in northern Italy and Switzerland's Alps.

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