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Duke's RAF trainers face jobs axe

Monday August 22nd 2011

RAF trainers who helped get the Duke of Cambridge up to speed to fly search and rescue helicopters are facing compulsory redundancy, a union has announced.

Balpa said the employees are among eight training pilots and aircrewmen who are losing their jobs with FB Heliservices.

The affected civilians, who trained military helicopter pilots, were stationed at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire and Prince William's Anglesey base, RAF Valley.

Balpa principal negotiator Mick Brade said: "The loss of these flight crew to the UK forces is a result of the Government's Ministry of Defence cutbacks and the effect of this decision on the training of military pilots will be significant.

"These pilots are dedicated to training servicemen and women. They are among the best helicopter training pilots and aircrewmen anywhere in the world.

"While it is terrible for them and their families, it is also a tragedy that the RAF, the Royal Navy and the British Army will not be able to make use of their decades of service, expertise and professionalism."

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