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Drowning dog saved by man's turban

Tuesday June 7th 2016

A Sikh man has used his turban to help rescue a drowning dog.

Sarwan Singh spotted the pooch in trouble after driving past a Punjabi irrigation canal in India. Sikh doctrines stipulate that people can only take off their turban while bathing or at home.

Mr Singh, 28, unravelled his headwear, giving his friends one end to hold and using it like a rope as he was lowered down the canal's banks. He wrapped his turban around the mutt's neck before bringing it back to safety - after many attempts spanning 200 metres.

Mr Singh says he felt compelled to act as no-one else was doing anything, the Mail Online reports. He says that onlookers were initially surprised at the turban removal, thinking that he had disrespected his faith.

But all Mr Singh could think of was saving the scared dog's life. The hero calmed down the dog on dry land by feeding him with biscuits before letting him go.

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