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Driver finds cat trapped in car engine

Friday December 19th 2014

A new home is being sought for a stray cat that had to be rescued by firefighters after it got trapped in a car engine.

Driver Nurullah Kurman, who was on his way to the shops in Turkey, was shocked to discover the cat in his bonnet when he pulled over to see why his car wasn't driving properly.

Concerned the stray would be hurt if he continued on his journey, Nurullah decided to call the fire service, which towed the vehicle to a nearby garage.

Efforts to rescue the cat at the roadside by pouring cold water on it to make it leave the engine had failed.

Mechanics then spent two hours carefully taking the car apart so firefighters could get to the cat.

It had broken its leg during its adventure and was taken to the vets and it is now said to be making a full recovery and looking for new owners.

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