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Downing Street gets two new cats

Friday December 9th 2016

Two new cats have moved into Downing Street to help tackle the mouse problem, it has been reported.

The Telegraph revealed that Evie and Ossie have been adopted by the Cabinet Office to help deal with a "mouse problem in 70 Whitehall".

The two new cats will join three others on Britain's most prestigious street. Gladstone is the Treasury cat, while Palmerston is a mouser serving the Foreign Office. And of course there's Larry, the brown and white tabby who is chief mouser to the Cabinet Office and a reluctant celeb.

Larry has recently been in the news for live tweeting the 12 days of Christmas on a spoof Twitter account.

The new cats come from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust whereas the original three came from Battersea.

A spokesperson told The Telegraph: "The cats are named Evie after Dame Evelyn Sharp, the first female permanent secretary, and Ossie after Sir Edward Osmotherly, author of the Osmotherly Rules, the guide that civil servants have when giving evidence to Parliamentary select committees."

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