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Dougie the parrot is a true Yorkshireman

Tuesday October 11th 2016

It's not often you come across a parrot with a distinctive northern accent - and even more rare are ones that love Yorkshire puddings.

Dougie, an Amazon parrot, mimics his owner Margaret Hullah's Yorkshire phrases and mutters "What's tha come for?" when people pop round to see her.

He will also squawk "What yer doooin'?" and "What's up wi yooou?"

Margaret, 69, from Boroughbridge near Harrogate, told the Daily Mirror: "He is my soul mate and I wouldn't be without him."

"He also copies my laugh, whistles and if we're in a hurry he'll say 'come on, come on', " she added.

She bought the animal because her husband worked as a truck driver and she wanted some company while he was away.

Apparently, Dougie is a dead ringer for Compo from Last of the Summer Wine and she knows he is a true Yorkshireman because of his favourite treat.

"He goes mad for Yorkshire puddings, they're his favourite food," she said.

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