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Don't leave pets home alone: RSPCA

Thursday June 16th 2011

An animal charity has urged families to make sure their pets are being looked after while they're on holiday.

The RSPCA said it was vital for people to make arrangements for their pets before jetting off to sunnier climes.

Pet owners are urged to look into one of the many options for pet care available to them, such as asking for the help of a friend or family member or looking into kennels or a cattery.

The charity issued its reminder after more than 1,300 people - many of whom will be Pet Insurance customers - logged on to the RSPCA website for advice on the issue.

Dr Kerry Westwood , RSPCA scientific officer for companion animals, said: "In the excitement of preparing for a holiday or weekend away, don't forget to make arrangements for your pets.

"Whether you plan to take them with you or not, it can take time to sort out their care and so you should always do this well in advance."

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