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Donations of 3K to pay for dog's surgery

Tuesday September 29th 2015

An abandoned dog is to undergo face-reconstruction surgery next week after he was found walking the streets of Texas with half of his nose missing.

In just one week well-wishers have contributed $5,100, or around £3,350, towards the cost of the operation, which should help Bjarni breathe and eat more easily.

The family that abandoned Bjarni, who was found in North Houston, did not even want him back when animal control officers told them that he may have to be put down.

The local St Francis Angels shelter now caring for him says it hopes that he will become "more adoptable" following surgery.

Anne Graber, the founder of the animal rescue organisation, says that Bjarni has befriended even the centre's most aggressive, bossy dogs. Ms Graber, of Texas, says he is animated and friendly, adding that Bjarni prefers toys and soft beds to playing outside.

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