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Dogs to get spoilt this Christmas

Thursday November 29th 2012

A new study has revealed that one in 10 dog owners in Britain will actually spend more money on their dog than their partner this Christmas.

The research was carried out by Butcher's Pet Care. Company spokeswoman Clare Scallon says that although the findings show that people spoil their dogs giving them attention is more important.

"Amidst all the presents, turkey and festive jumpers, Christmas is really all about spending time together and our four-legged friends have become as much a part of the family as any human member," she said.

Apart from the most important gift of Pet Insurance to guard against any health issues a dog might encounter, Scallon says our canine creatures would rather be taken for a long walk and given a bone than receive a fancy collar or novelty present.

"At Butcher's we are big believers in indulging dogs in a natural way, which means giving them what they really want," she added.

"So if you want to spoil your dog this Christmas, and save some money too, get out in the fresh air, burn off the mince pies and booze and make your dog's day!"

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