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Dogs relish life with new families

Tuesday January 6th 2015

A trio of greyhounds featured on special bottles of Henderson's Relish have all been successfully rehomed.

All three, Dibnah, Dougie and Freddy, were looked after by the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) and were selected to go on the labels of the special-edition relish bottles to encourage more people to adopt greyhounds.

Dibnah ended up with the RGT when his previous owner died, but just two days later she was living with the Stead family - Sue, Lyndon and 10-year-old Luke.

Sue, of Sheffield, says taking in Dibnah was a great decision as she is now firmly a part of the family.

Gillian and Tim Needham and Scott and Sam Melber, of Sheffield, took in Dougie and Freddy respectively. Both dogs were at the RGT farm for 13 months.

Dougie is well behaved and happy with his spot on the sofa, according to 48-year-old Gillian. She says she took a shine to him when they were at Sheffield's Owlerton Stadium for a race night.

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