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Dogs missing for a month found

Monday February 17th 2014

Two dogs have shocked their owners after turning up alive after being lost for a month in a remote part of the Lake District.

Mike and Yvonne Sunderland had been walking on Whitbarrow Scar when their two Patterdale Terriers Molly and Jess ran off.

Despite searches being carried out in the area after their disappearance on January 16, the dogs were not traced and it was feared they must have died.

But the pets, who were rescued by Mr and Mrs Sunderland after being abandoned in Rochdale, Lancashire, when they were just puppies, defied expectations when they turned up safe.

It is thought the dogs must have been survived by catching rats and mice on the fell despite the cold, wet and windy weather.

Mrs Sunderland had spoken of her devastation when they went missing. "We look after adults with learning disabilities, and they are really missing them. My 87-year-old mother-in-law keeps asking where are the dogs? Even the postman wondered where they were."

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