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Dog's life back on track after swallowing toy train

Thursday February 23rd 2017

A spaniel has had to have emergency surgery after swallowing a toy train but is now on track to make a full recovery.

According to Lesley Mellor, her nine-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cyril, had to have a life-saving operation after eating a Thomas the Tank Engine toy which was only identified during an X-ray at the vets.

Cyril was rushed to the PDSA Pet Hospital in Plymouth when she stopped eating and began vomiting in January.

PDSA veterinarian, David Jones, said: "Whenever a dog swallows a foreign object, there is a very real risk of a blockage in the intestines, which could be fatal."

The doctor says Cyril was rushed straight into theatre to operate after the X-ray revealed he had eaten the "Clarabel" toy.

"Surgery like this is very risky, because you never know what you might find, or what damage the object might have caused," Dr Jones added.

Ms Mellor, 40, said the family were "really worried" about their dog, adding: "We were all relieved when we received the phone call to say the operation had gone well."

She added: "I can't thank PDSA enough for getting Cyril back home to his family."

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