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Dogs hit the surf in California

Tuesday September 29th 2015

Dogs and their owners have been riding the waves off the coast of California

The seventh annual Surf City Surf Dog competition took place at Huntington Beach, just outside Los Angeles, attracting 64 surfing canines.

Pooches were able to take to the water on their own or with the help of their owners. They were judged on a variety of skills, from the length of their ride to their confidence on the board, over the three days of events.

High tides sent pups flying during the morning heats, with junior lifeguards on hand to bring them back to shore.

There was also a red carpet event and a costume contest, while three stand-out surfing dogs were picked to join the International Surf Dog Walk of Fame.

Owners came from far and wide to enter their dogs in the competition, the proceeds of which are being donated to charity. They described it as a great bonding experience, saying it had brought them and their pets closer together.

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