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Dogs helping students to relax

Tuesday May 20th 2014

Stressed university students are turning to man's best friend to help them relax during the exam season.

Leicester University is offering undergraduates the chance to look after guide dogs in a bid to calm their nerves ahead of end-of-year assessments.

The students pay £1 to pet the puppies and find out about the vital work they do in and around the city.

A number of bubble wrap stations are also dotted about campus for stressed individuals to pop their worries away.

Members of Leicester University Students' Union claim the "instant gratification" that comes from popping bubble wrap is meant to be better for relieving stress than popular techniques such as meditation and yoga.

Michael Rubin, education officer and president-elect of the union, hopes the various dog petting and bubble-wrap-popping activities will help students alleviate stress and achieve better grades in their exams.

Earlier this year a mobile petting zoo was set up at the university as a stress reliever for students sitting exams in January.

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