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Dogs happiest when they're eating

Friday March 11th 2016

Nothing makes dogs happier than eating, according to a new RSPCA survey. The animal welfare charity's poll reveals that over nine in 10 dog owners (91%) claim mealtimes are among their pets' favourite times of the day.

Investigating and exploring are things that make 90% of canines content, while a similar proportion loves sleeping. The survey also finds that running (82%) and off-lead "walkies" also feature highly. A huge percentage of respondents (94%) say that their dog's happiness and well-being is important, being able to play, run and exercise with no constraints.

This is not possible for some dogs, however. Pugs and other similar pooches find exercise very difficult due to breathing problems.

Pug owner Katy Price, from Norfolk, says she has received £4,000 worth of payouts from her Pet Insurance firm to correct her dog's eye health problems. Her Olive has had surgery to address corneal ulcers, eye scar tissue and eyelid trouble.

Ms Price says good insurance is the key to owning such dogs. Lisa Richards, the Society's dog welfare specialist, says it is important for owners of all breeds to place health and welfare over looks.

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