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Dog's 'bucket list' final days

Tuesday January 27th 2015

Animal lovers around the world followed the inspirational last few months of a dog suffering from bone cancer.

New York PR worker Lauren Watt was understandably devastated to be told that her beloved English Mastiff Gizelle had only a few months left to live but she fought through her tears and promised to make those months memorable for them both.

She compiled a bucket list of things they could do together, including rowing across a lake like the Little Mermaid in the Disney movie and visiting New York's Times Square in the early hours of the morning.

There were cuddles galore, they ate lobster at the seaside and ice cream at the docks.

The last few months were documented in pictures on Instagram and Lauren knows there was plenty of interest in Australia, Europe, India, Mexico and Vietnam.

Despite the fact that vets told Lauren that 10-stone Gizelle would not be alive at Christmas, the dog finally succumbed to the disease this month.

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Lauren says the two of them sat and gazed at the ocean in Maine and it snowed the day before her dog died.

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