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Dogs Down Under set world record

Monday May 18th 2015

Hundreds of pooches in Australia have set a new world record for the number of dogs wearing bandannas in one location.

A grand total of 764 dogs turned up to be counted at the Million Paws Walk in the capital of Canberra, smashing the previous record of 364 set by Canada's Golden Rescue group last year.

But it was far from straightforward. The task of getting all the dogs into the marshalling area for counting proved to be a logistical nightmare, with many getting distracted or wandering off while they waited.

A small army of vets and volunteers was on hand to keep an eye on the canines throughout the counting process.

Besides the hundreds of people and their dogs that turned out to break the bandanna-wearing world record, thousands more also turned out to take part in the 5km fundraising walk for the RSPCA around Canberra's picturesque Lake Burley Griffin.

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