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Dognapping 'rises by nearly half'

Tuesday December 6th 2011

Dognapping, including high profile cases, has risen by nearly half, with a third of lost or missing dogs being stolen, a helpline has revealed.

The estranged wife of cricket legend Ian Botham's son was arrested for the alleged "dognapping" of his favourite spaniel. And a kitten was stolen from the home of a Liberal Democrat MP's mistress.

DogLost released figures saying that three-fifths of the UK's eight million dogs remain uninsured, with the result that owners can be thousands of pounds down.

But owners can take simple steps to prevent their pets from getting lost or stolen through identifying them with microchips, DNA recordings and Pet Insurance policies which can cover costs to help find the pet, said Rob Swyer, from Pets at Home.

However, the phenomenon is not new, as dogs have been reported being held for ransom as far back as the 1930s, said Mr Swyer.

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