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Doggy diets boosted by Bake Off

Friday October 10th 2014

The Great British Bake Off isn't just inspiring people to enter baking competitions or bake for their family and friends - it's got them doing it for their four-legged friends too.

Chefs are coming up with new recipes for their dogs including buns, biscuits, fishcakes and polenta bakes.

People think nothing of baking birthday cakes for friends and family, but now more and more are creating doggy-friendly cakes for their pets.

Brendan Lynch, a 2012 Great British Bake Off finalist, bakes for his labradoodle Monty. He says he was surprised to find that much of the pet food people buy in supermarkets is packed full of additives.

He said many adults develop adverse reactions to these additives and dogs and cats can do too. He decided to make his own food for Monty to know exactly what he is eating and to keep him safe.

And taking out Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance would mean not having to worry about any veterinary bills you could run up if your pooch falls ill after eating something dodgy.

The 65-year-old baker has a website featuring a host of recipes for dog food, including a chicken liver and bacon snack designed to be used as a treat.

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