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'Doggy day care' saving thousands

Friday May 25th 2012

Pet owners are relying on friends and relatives to provide unpaid 'doggy day care' while they are at work, new research suggests.

But petbuzz's research also highlights how far many owners without support will go to ensure their pets' health and happiness.

More than a quarter (27%) have their dogs walked daily by a friend or relative, saving them thousands of pounds a year compared to the cost of hiring professional dog walkers and sitters, the research claims.

But with many unable to call on the help of others almost a third (32%) of those surveyed fork out an average £4,500 a year on a professional dog-walking service.

Despite these costs, 85% said they had cut back on non-essentials and even work longer hours to fund professional dog help if they need to, with just 2% saying they would consider rehoming their pooch.

K9 Magazine editor-in-chief Ryan O'Meara said: "The fact that 85% of dog owners would cut back on their own non-essentials if need be and 13% would work longer hours to cover their pet care costs in the form of doggy day care or even professional dog walkers just shows how many dog owners really do place their pet's needs first."

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