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Doggy cooking show proves a hit

Thursday November 6th 2014

A culinary couple is showing dog lovers how to rustle up treats for their pooches on a pioneering YouTube channel.

Kris Rotonda and Denise Fernandez, who also founded online dating service, where pooch-loving singles can connect with potential mates, started the Doggy Cooking Network three months ago.

It offers weekly recipes for healthy and tasty meals for canines and there are already plans to expand the channel.

The recipes use simple ingredients like chicken, beef, barley, carrots and eggs and turn them into lip-smacking treats like meatloaf birthday cake, frozen yoghurt bars and sweet bean rice.

Many of the recipes use organic ingredients, while others are suitable for dogs on a gluten-free diet.

The channel comes after the US Food and Drug Administration received reports that dog and cat treats made in China have killed 1,000 dogs and made more than 4,800 pets sick in the past seven years. Large US retailers such as PetSmart and Petco have already pulled certain products from their shelves.

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