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Dog walkers warned on ledge rescues

Thursday October 13th 2011

The RSPCA has urged walkers to keep a close eye on their pet dogs when roaming national parks and coastal paths.

The call from the animal charity comes as it released figures showing it rescues on average one animal from a cliff ledge or mountain every couple of days.

The number of such rescues is on the rise, with the 136 stricken animals assisted in 2009 rising to 140 last year. And it shows no sign of letting up either, with 73 rescues already clocked in the year to June.

Sheep were among the animals in need of rescue, with many of them wandering into danger after being alarmed by a charging dog.

Inspector Richard Abbot said: "The majority of sheep will have been driven off the edge of a cliff by a dog. It could be that the dog was in perfect control by the owner, but off the lead. That will be enough to frighten that sheep over the edge of the cliff.

"I think the most important message is for people to put their dog on a lead, under control, especially when there are sheep around."

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