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Dog walker loses driving licence

Tuesday March 2nd 2010

A man with seemingly no interest in either pet insurance or car value protection has lost his driving licence after getting caught walking the animal while driving his car.

Paul Railton, 23, of County Durham, had wound down the window of his Nissan Navara to exercise his lurcher when police caught him.

Officers reported seeing him driving at 5mph along a country lane in County Durham.

Yesterday, at Consett Magistrates' Court, Railton pleaded guilty to not being in proper control of a vehicle at about 2.20pm on December 4 in Stonyheap Lane, near Consett.

Sharon Lowrie, prosecuting, said a cyclist alerted police that two men were dragging a dog along from a car.

She said: "The driver was hanging onto the dog's lead through the driver window, approaching a blind summit."

Railton was told to put the dog in the back of the car and was allowed to go, but five days later police turned up at his home to charge him.

The court confirmed that Railton, who is unemployed, was fined £66 and ordered to pay £43 costs and a legal surcharge of £15.

He had three penalty points added to his licence and, because he already had nine, this meant he was banned from driving for six months.

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