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Dog turns mum for abandoned lamb

Friday April 8th 2016

A farm dog is acting as a substitute mother for an abandoned new-born lamb. Shropshire lamb Rocky brought out all of pet Labrador Tia's maternal instincts four days after her birth, the BBC reports.

Guernsey-based Tia has helped to revive Rocky's health and spirits after he arrived 10 weeks prematurely. James Meller, Rocquette Cider Company owner, has allowed Rocky into his home, which is where the bond between dog and lamb was forged.

Mr Meller describes Tia as "lovely", although is not normally permitted to get so near to the sheep and lambs. But bringing Rocky into the home led to Tia seeing him as a close companion and the two became inseparable, he said.

Mr Meller, who bottle-feeds Rocky, will return him to his flock when he regains his strength. But he expects his friendship with Tia to continue.

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