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Dog swallows owner's hearing aid

Tuesday January 19th 2016

A dog who swallowed her owner's hearing aid is on the mend after undergoing emergency treatment.

Domino has tried to eat the devices in the past, but has never been successful until now. Owner Norma McKenzie, 63, of Charleston, Dundee, arrived home to find the six-month-old pooch munching on one of her aids.

She rushed the labrador to the PDSA Dundee Pet Hospital. The puppy was given medication to make her sick and the aid and its battery reappeared, along with the jewel from a hairclip, prawn crackers and comb fragments.

Vets there said that the gadget could have killed Domino by blocking her digestive system and the battery may have scorched the pup's stomach lining.

Andy Cage, a senior vet for the PDSA, says that it is not unusual for puppies to swallow odd objects. He urged owners to keep any potentially dangerous items out of the reach of dogs.

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