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Dog survives cliff fall terror

Monday August 2nd 2010

Pet insurance companies may be interested to hear how a pet dog survived a terrifying cliff fall, coming away from the ordeal with only a limp.

The cocker spaniel, whose real name is Oscar, was let off his lead by the owner as he walked near the Old Harry Rocks beauty spot in Dorset.

The owner's second pet dog returned to her, but Oscar was found by a passer-by after he had fallen 120ft.

Swanage Coastguards were called out to rescue the animal from the beach along the Jurassic Coast.

Steve Williams, Portland Coastguard watch officer, said: "A lady was walking her dogs on the cliff top. They came to an open area and she let both dogs off.

"One came back, the other fell over the edge quite a long way - 120ft. It wasn't a sheer drop but it probably scrambled down the cliff and landed quite heavily at the bottom.

"Maybe it should be called Lucky to survive with just a limp."

He warned other dog owners not to let their pets off the lead near cliff edges as the animal would not have been as lucky if it had been a sheer drop.

"You wouldn't let your dog off the lead near a busy road - this is just as dangerous," Mr Williams added.

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