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Dog survives 30ft fall from cliff

Thursday September 25th 2014

A dog has survived a 30ft fall from a cliff into the sea after it failed to stop when playing with another dog.

Archie, the six-year-old Patterdale Terrier, was the subject of a lifeboat search and rescue operation when he plunged from the cliff at Walton Backwaters in Essex.

The Colchester Gazette reported that Archie was out with owner Maxine Rule. Both Archie and another dog, Lexi, being walked by Maxine on behalf of her partner, ran across a field.

Unfortunately, Archie did not stop in time when he reached the cliff edge and tumbled over.

Ms Rule told the newspaper she ran to the spot and thought Archie must have been killed when she saw the length of the drop.

However, the dog was heroically pulled from the sea by RNLI crewman Darren Priestnall who waded back to shore with Archie.

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