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Dog survives 200m plunge down cliff

Tuesday August 11th 2015

A lucky dog is recovering at home after falling 200 metres off the side of a cliff in Wales.

Woody, a nine-year-old spaniel, miraculously suffered only a broken tail, a few lost teeth and a cut nose.

He was hiking up Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons National Park with his owners when the terrifying incident happened on August 8.

Being a working dog that fetches for a living, he decided to fetch a stone that had been thrown off the northeast face of the mountain. He plummeted 200 metres yet somehow survived with cuts and bruises.

Owner Dai Legge, from Abertillery in South Wales, says Woody - a regular on pheasant shoots in the nearby town of Crickhowell - just thought he was doing his job and instinct took over when he saw the stone.

The spaniel is now on the mend at the family home. He is still wagging his tail, despite breaking it, perhaps because of the fillet steak Mr Legge gave him for dinner on his return.

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