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Dog stands guard over trapped pet for week

Friday September 18th 2015

Dogs have always been known for their unquestioning loyalty.

But setter cross Tillie went above and beyond the call of duty by staying at Basset hound Phoebe's side for a week after she got stuck in a woodland ravine.

It is thought Tillie only left Phoebe for a few minutes every day in an attempt to summon help.

And her efforts eventually paid off when she was spotted by members of the public. They alerted Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP) - an animal rescue group - whose volunteers had been attempting to track down the pair since they vanished a week earlier, sparking appeals by their anxious owners.

Following the sighting volunteers searched a woodland area and - after hearing a barked response to their calls - found Phoebe trapped in an old concrete tank in a ravine with Tillie still standing guard.

Both Phoebe and heroine Tillie have now been reunited with their owners after being found miles from where they had last been seen.

Following the rescue VIPP said on its Facebook page that Tillie had been a "true friend" to Phoebe. Her actions, it added, were a humbling illustration of the "power of love".

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