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Dog sniffs out abandoned cats

Thursday September 24th 2015

A dog has saved the lives of a cat and her kittens after they were left for dead inside a taped-up cardboard box.

The pooch, on a walk with its owner, suddenly took an interest in the box that had been dumped in Pallister Park in Middlesbrough.

Cats were heard crying inside. After removing the tough electrical tape which the box was sealed with, the owner discovered a tortoiseshell female and her two ginger tabby kittens huddled together.

She immediately called an RSPCA inspector, who took the cats to the nearest shelter. But not all animals are this lucky.

A spokesman for the charity claims it is seeing an increasing number of animals are being carelessly abandoned. He says the neutering and microchipping of pets by owners is essential to reducing the epidemic of unwanted or lost pets that are finding themselves in the care of shelters up and down the country.

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