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Dog selfie stick set for launch

Thursday October 1st 2015

Dog owners could soon be taking the perfect selfie with their pooches thanks to a brilliant new gadget. Described as a selfie stick for dogs by the inventors, it capitalises on pooches' love of tennis balls.

Owners simply attach the plastic clip to the top of their smartphone, which holds the ball above the phone. As the dog stares at the ball, hidden out of shot, it gives the impression that it is posing for the camera.

Getting a dog to sit for a selfie can be extremely hard work, while getting them to look at the camera can be even harder, so the inventors, who are dog lovers themselves, decided to come up with a solution.

They advertised the simple yet ingenious gadget on Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects, in the hope of raising $7,000 to get their idea off the ground and into production.

The amount raised currently stands at $16,239, so owners should be able to expect to get their hands on the gadget sooner rather than later.

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