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Dog saved after fall into icy pond

Wednesday December 31st 2014

Firefighters used an inflatable walkway to rescue a dog that had fallen though ice covering a pond.

Two-year-old springer spaniel Milo was in the water for some 25 minutes, but was able to clamber onto an island in the middle of the pond at Eastwood Farm nature reserve in Broomhill in Bristol on Monday.

His owner dialled 999 and members of the Avon Fire & Rescue Service placed the walkway across to the island, walked over, put a lead on Milo and walked him back to his owner. He was unhurt but wet and cold, according to a spokeswoman.

She urged people to be careful when out and about during the cold weather and not to walk on frozen ponds and other areas of water, no matter how solid the ice looks. It is a sound idea to have a good Pet Insurance policy in case animals need veterinary treatment after accidents of this kind.

People who fall into icy water can suffer hypothermia "or worse" and anyone who sees such an incident should alert the fire service by dialling 999 as soon as possible so specially trained and equipped personnel can respond appropriately.

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