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Dog reunited with owner after 5 years

Monday May 23rd 2016

A dog missing for five years has been reunited with his family thanks to a microchip that traced him to his new owners just half a mile away.

Sandra Wright, 50, from Reddish, Stockport, thought she had lost Yorkshire terrier Eddie when he disappeared from her sister-in-law's home in Fallowfield, Manchester, in 2011 while they were on holiday.

Mrs Wright said: "Neighbours were searching the streets, we put up posters everywhere, alerted all the local vets and rescue centres, reported it to police and registered him on all the websites.

"We even offered a reward but he had simply vanished. With each week that passed, we knew the chances of finding him decreased. It was awful."

The trail remained cold until this year when Jeanette Johnson, 57, also from Reddish, took in Eddie, now aged 13, from a neighbour who was struggling to look after him.

She brought him into Manchester PDSA Pet Hospital for a check-up and it was discovered Eddie had already been chipped and was registered missing five years ago.

It led to a welcoming phone call to the Wright family to tell them their beloved pet had been found.

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