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Dog rescued from cliff by 16 firefighters

Tuesday February 28th 2017

Emergency services were called to rescue a pup that had tumbled down a cliff side after wandering off in San Francisco.

The dog walker responsible for the pup called for assistance after the animal became precariously stranded on the cliff face at an ocean-side park in the Californian city.

The dog was saved by 16 firefighters who said the animal was lucky to have not been injured in the incident.

San Francisco Fire Department spokesman, Jonathan Baxter, said the dog could have met a tragic end and was close to falling another 60 feet.

A firefighter had to be lowered down and the dog was lifted to safety using a special canine harness.

The dog remained friendly during the hour-long rescue, Mr Baxter told the news site.

Speaking to news website SF Gate, Mr Baxter said the caretaker of the beloved pooch did the right thing not to attempt the rescue.

He added: "A lot of times we will have an animal-person rescue and that's because the companion will go down to attempt to rescue and get stuck, themselves."

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