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Dog rescued after two weeks

Wednesday June 1st 2016

Bobby the dog is back on solid ground, having survived a fortnight down a well with no food. Norfolk Urban Search and Rescue teams ended the two-year-old cocker spaniel's "miraculous" survival stint on Thursday (May 26).

Bobby happily greeted them with a wagging tail, despite being hungry and dehydrated. He had fallen down the 25m well in the Norfolk village of Gimingham.

Owners Sally and Adrian Phillips thought he had gone for good. But now they plan to give Bobby a good bath and get him veterinary help.

Mr Phillips called Bobby's survival "miraculous". Rescue crews got to work after Ali Cargill, a nearby farmer, heard the dog's barks for help.

Rachel Cargill, his wife, kept Bobby going while Mr Cargill called the rescue services by lowering dog food and water in a bucket. One operative was winched down and scooped up Bobby from the bottom of the well before bringing him back up to the surface.

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