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Dog rescued after cliff plunge

Thursday July 9th 2015

A dog has been rescued after he plunged into the sea from a cliff while out for a walk with his owner.

"Lively" four-year-old collie Monty ran off the cliffs at the back of Capstone near Ilfracombe in Devon, falling around 32ft into the water below.

The dog's owner Haley Mallison, from Essex, feared Monty had fallen to his death. But Ms Mallison, who was holidaying in Devon, realised her dog had just missed rocks at the bottom of the cliffs and was in the water.

Brave Monty managed to swim to a small crevasse in the rocks, where he waited until he was rescued by a lifeboat crew.

Ilfracombe's RNLI inshore lifeboat, Deborah Brown II, was launched and Monty was soon spotted in the water. Volunteer RNLI helm Mark Weeks, who described the rescue as a "feel-good shout", says Monty was extremely pleased to see the crew, who were delighted to reunite him with his owner.

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